The Uses of Genetics in Dentistry

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Although genetics can play a role as to whether you will be at an increased risk for a variety of oral ailments, by no means is it a guaranteed indicator that you will end up afflicted by it. By practicing proper oral health habits and routines, you can fight back against the dangers that lurk within your genetic code.

Here are some things you should know about genetics and your oral health:

– Precise diseases such as cavities and gum disease do come with certain genetic markers, but being afflicted with them often depends more on your lifestyle and oral hygiene than your genetics do.
– Although genetics play a substantial role in your dental health, specific oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing can in most cases supersede the effects of any genetic disposition.
– The chances of developing oral health disorders, including sleep apnea, can be greatly improved due to genetics. However, even if you are genetically inclined to a disorder or disease, it does not automatically mean you will get it.
– Despite the fact that genetics can increase your risk for oral health disorders, at this current time, there are no systems capable of accurately forecasting your risk for developing them.

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