If You Lose a Filling the Tooth Enamel Might Need to Be Restored by a Crown

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Fillings made from gold, amalgam, porcelain or resin composite are designed to repair a modest sized cavity. While they are intended to last for a long time, they rarely last forever. When a filling is lost, it often does not leave behind enough healthy enamel to mount a new filling. In a case like this, Dr. Thomas M. Cox & David J. Manegold often recommends having the entire enamel layer of the tooth replaced by a crown.

Dr. Thomas M. Cox & David J. Manegold will first need to examine the tooth and take some X-rays to make sure the decay is limited to the tooth enamel. If the pulp or root of the tooth has been compromised, they might need to perform a root canal to replace these structures.

Dr. Thomas M. Cox & David J. Manegold will then use a drill to remove the tooth enamel and create an abutment. This will later serve to anchor the crown in place.

Then they will make an impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth. The abutment is covered by a temporary crown and the impression is sent off to a dental lab where your crown will be made.

Dr. Thomas M. Cox & David J. Manegold will call you back in for a short second appointment when your crown is ready. The temporary crown is removed and they cements your new crown in place over the abutment.

If you have recently lost a filling you should call Dr. Thomas M. Cox & David J. Manegold’s office in West Chester, Ohio at 513-777-5513 to explore your repair and restoration options.