How to Limit the Use of Sugar While You Bake

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The holidays are right around the corner, which means baking season is almost here. As you get out your cupcake tins, candy cane makers, and cookie pans, it’s important to think about your smile. Unfortunately, sugar can attack the teeth and create cavities, which makes baking season dangerous for your oral health. If possible, it’s recommended to limit the use of sugar in your recipes as much as possible. To help you do so, our dentist, Dr. Thomas M. Cox & David J. Manegold, has some helpful tips for you.

First, use less sugar than your recipe calls for. This might be a tricky tip, especially for recipes that rely heavily on sugar. So, it’s better to use this tip for treats that have other ingredients that add a lot of flavor, like pumpkin bread. When you’re baking, try using 1/4, 1/3, or even 1/2 less sugar than the recipe calls for.

Second, use an alternative sweetener. All you need to do is swap the sugar out for something else that is sweet, like pure maple syrup, honey, or agave nectar. You can also replace it with brown sugar, but make sure to only use half of what the recipe calls for. Remember: Swapping sugar for these things can change the consistency and taste of your treat, so don’t be afraid to try the recipe a few times before you get it right.

Third, use fruit. Fruit has natural sugars that can add a whole new level of flavor to your treat! All you need to do is bake the fruit in a little bit of sugar (which brings the natural sugars out) and then add it to your recipe. This can even add nutrients that your recipe didn’t have in the first place!

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