Finding the Type of Dental Floss You Prefer Will Encourage Daily Flossing

The American Dental Association advocates a consistent daily oral hygiene routine based on brushing your teeth each morning and night and making sure to floss at least once per day. Flossing in the evening after you are done eating or snacking for the night can be helpful for making sure bacterial deposits have been evacuated from the mouth before going... read more »

How to Keep Your Smile for Life

Did you know that beyond basic dental hygiene, there are things that you should be doing to preserve the health of your smile? Dr. Cox, Dr. Manegold, and our team are happy to offer advice on things you can do for your smile. Lifestyle Habits If you want to have your smile for more than just a while, avoid bad... read more »

Caring for Your Dental Bridge

Now that you’ve replaced your missing teeth with a dental bridge, you probably notice the difference it makes for your mouth. You can chew better, speak better, and smile better. In order to maintain that beautiful smile and functionality for years to come, you’ll want to take good care of your dental bridge. Here are the details. First of all,... read more »

How to Limit the Use of Sugar While You Bake

The holidays are right around the corner, which means baking season is almost here. As you get out your cupcake tins, candy cane makers, and cookie pans, it’s important to think about your smile. Unfortunately, sugar can attack the teeth and create cavities, which makes baking season dangerous for your oral health. If possible, it’s recommended to limit the use... read more »

The Uses of Genetics in Dentistry

Although genetics can play a role as to whether you will be at an increased risk for a variety of oral ailments, by no means is it a guaranteed indicator that you will end up afflicted by it. By practicing proper oral health habits and routines, you can fight back against the dangers that lurk within your genetic code. Here... read more »

Dental Veneers Can Provide You with a Bright White Smile

Chronic dental stains can be frustrating. This can be compounded by other cosmetic and physical imperfections on the teeth in your smile. In a situation like this, you should consider a consultation appointment with Dr. Thomas M. Cox & David J. Manegold. The cosmetic dental treatments at their disposal can improve your smile in a short amount of time. If... read more »

How the American Dental Association Can Help You

Have you ever wondered how the American Dental Association can help you? If so, you are not alone. Many people are familiar with the ADA but are unaware of the important details or how they can help you and your family. That is why our team here at Cox and Manegold Dentistry in West Chester, Ohio, is happy to talk... read more »

A Dental Bleaching Treatment Can Whiten Teeth Safely

It’s an unfortunate truth that most of the whitening products available on store shelves lack the ability to remove stains that have set into tooth enamel. There are a small number of dental bleaching gels that are strong enough to improve a moderately stained smile. However, they can pose a serious threat to the health of your teeth and gums.... read more »

Achieve Your Dream of a Perfect Smile with Dental Veneers

Every day, there are thousands of people just wishing they could do something about their imperfect smile. Many have found what they were looking for by going to their dentist to have dental veneers installed. If you feel your smile could use some work because a dental cosmetic issue, you should come into your dentist’s office and see if a... read more »

A Small Chip in a Tooth Can Often Be Repaired by a Standard Filling

When a chip forms on one of your teeth, it can lead to several different problems. Sometimes it can cause heightened sensitivity or even pain. Even if the chipped tooth causes you no discomfort, you should still have it repaired at Cox and Manegold Dentistry. The damaged enamel could potentially trap food particles, causing a cavity to form in a... read more »